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12 Serving Sample Box
12 Serving Sample Box
12 Serving Sample Box
12 Serving Sample Box
12 Serving Sample Box

12 Serving Sample Box


Perfect for a seafood-loving individual seeking the benefits of 3 servings of super clean seafood per week. Start enjoying the benefits of eating clean ocean-friendly seafood with our 12 portion sample box of individually packaged 4 to 6 oz. servings.  Incredibly delicious, vital, and empowering seafood, all meticulously sourced directly from the world's leading smart aquaculture projects:  

Every month will vary slightly based on your feedback and new discoveries. Sample Curation: 

Ōra King Salmon (2 servings of sashimi-grade skinless fillets):  Ōra King has achieved a Green/Best Choice rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, and is regarded among chefs as the Wagyu Beef of the seafood world. 

Petuna Farms Tasmanian Ocean Trout (2 servings of cold-smoked trout):  Raised in ideal conditions where cold water washes up from Antarctica, zero pollution, and a rich natural blend of tannins and saltwater create a creamy, velvet-like texture bursting with umami flavor.

Skjerstad Fjord "NordicBlu" Salmon (2 servings of fillets):  The world's first and only marine net-pen farmed Atlantic salmon rated “Green — Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch®.

Glitne Halibut (2 servings of fillets):  Snow White Norwegian Halibut using only pure, ice-cold, and crystal clear water from the depths of the mystical Sognefjord of Norway.

Omega Azul Kanpachi (2 servings of fillets):  Chef's favorite, Omega Blue Baja Kanpachi from La Paz, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Chalkstream Trout (2 servings of skin-on fillets): The finest English Chalksteam Trout from the famous Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire, England.

*Optional: Aquapesca Scallop (1 serving of scallops on the half shell): Award-winning scallops raised from seed in mid-water hanging lantern scallop baskets from Guaynuma Bay, Peru.

Note:  You can expect a rotating curation of fillets, collars, poke cubes, and smoked products every month based on the changing seasons and your feedback.   

These are the same fish and amazing quality as previously featured on the menus at California's best farm-to-table restaurants delivered directly to your door.  

 All of our seafood is guaranteed either rated as a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch "Best Choice", ASC Certified, BAP Certified or has been personally vetted by our team of chefs and industry experts.  We've conducted in-person visits to the farm operations where we personally swim with the fish, taste the feed the fish are eating, and observe the harvesting methodology to ensure only humane, sustainable, clean, healthy seafood production. 

Every perfectly cut 4 to 6oz fillet comes blast-frozen at peak freshness using super freezing technology to ensure quality, safety, texture, color, and flavor are preserved in that same manner as the best sushi-grade fish available.

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