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The Future of Offshore Aquaculture

Seatopia Cobia come directly from our farming partners Open Blue Sea Farms — an innovative aquaculture operation off the coast of Panama. These Cobia are raised 8 miles offshore in deep water, open-ocean submersible marine net pens. Fish grow healthy and strong in natural, free-flowing marine currents, which keeps them active and consequentially improves their musculature and fat distribution — all without any ecological impact to water quality.

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The Future of Open Ocean Farming


To stand up to harsh conditions while raising cobia in the best natural environment, Open Blue chose Innovasea’s SeaStation fish pens – tough, submersible pens that lie below the surface to avoid high energy waves and wind. The lower wave amplitude at this depth reduces wear and tear, prolonging the life of the pen, netting and associated systems and keeping fish stocks safe. The stability of the SeaStation reduces stress and offers a distinct advantage for growing healthy fish. To maximize production and avoid crowding in the pens in order to ensure optimal fish welfare, Open Blue is transitioning its 22 pens to the largest size SeaStation available (14,500m3).


8 Miles Offshore

By staying away from sensitive coastal areas, nutrient and waste-build up are virtually eliminated, which ultimately preserves the environment and protects the surrounding biodiversity. Open Blue is a leader in producing deep water open ocean raised fish with minimal environmental impact raised in fully submerged holding systems.

8 Miles Offshore

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Our Cobia stands out as a premium seafood choice, offering a mild and delicate flavor that's perfect for a wide range of culinary creations. Raised in innovative deep-water open-ocean aquaculture off the pristine Panamanian coast, this fish represents a commitment to both quality and sustainability. Each 4-ounce portion is individually vacuum sealed and blast frozen at peak freshness, ensuring a premium dining experience every time. With its rich Omega-3 content and versatility in cooking, Open Blue Cobia is a nutritious and delicious choice for seafood enthusiasts. Don't miss out on this exceptional product - buy now and experience the remarkable flavors of Open Blue Cobia for yourself.