How It Works

SEATOPIA is similar to a monthly CSA box that delivers organic produce from farms you've come to know and trust, but for artisan-quality, sustainably-farmed seafood. 

Just as the discussion around beef consumption is not black-and-white, the same applies to seafood. The environmental and health impacts of seafood depend heavily on how it's sourced. Conventional aquaculture can pose sustainability and health concerns, similar to industrial beef production's environmental challenges. However, artisan aquaculture farms that embrace regenerative practices offer a sustainable alternative, akin to regenerative grazing in the beef industry.

Regenerative Agriculture integrated multitrophic aquaculture

Seatopia champions these artisan aquaculture farms, focusing on practices that go beyond mere sustainability to actively regenerate and improve marine ecosystems. These farms utilize feeds derived from sustainable sources, such as algae and insect protein, and integrate fish farming into broader marine ecosystems in a way that mimics natural processes and promotes biodiversity. This approach not only minimizes negative impacts on the environment but also produces seafood that is healthier, cleaner, and free of contaminants like mercury and microplastics.

By choosing Seatopia products, consumers support a model of seafood production that aligns with the principles of regenerative agriculture. Just as consumers are encouraged to consider the broader environmental impacts of their beef consumption, we invite seafood lovers to recognize the importance of how their seafood is raised. Supporting farms that implement regenerative aquaculture practices is not just about enjoying superior quality seafood; it's about participating in a movement that values the health of our oceans and the planet.

We deliver to your doorstep a 100% compostable insulated box that has been carefully packed with dry ice and super-frozen, sushi-grade seafood from some of best farms in the world.

If you care where your food comes from and want the best quality seafood at home, you've come to the right place:

Step 1

Join the Collective!

To get started, simply subscribe to one of our curated SEATOPIA Collective boxes: optimized for Individuals (12 servings), Couples (18 servings), and Small Families (24 servings), our best value and most popular size.  Based on your monthly subscriptions, our farm partners harvest specifically for Seatopia Collective members. Unlike commodity supply chains, your subscriptions enable our farm partners to grow organically and focus on quality as good stewards of the environment.   

Step 2

Delivered to Your Doorstep

We'll ship your share of sustainably-raised seafood with UPS Priority Overnight (with carbon neutral shipping) weekly-- Tuesdays and Wednesdays to delivery Wednesdays and Thursdays.  We do not ship orders on Thursday-Sun. Shipping Policy).  You'll receive an eco-friendly 100% compostable insulated cooler, filled with perfectly cut, 3 - 6 oz. portions, packed in easy-to-use compostable vacuum-sealed bags. Individual portions are blast-frozen at peak freshness using super freezing technology to maximize shelf-life while ensuring quality, safety, texture, color, and flavor are preserved in the same manner as the world's best sushi restaurants.

Step 3

Eat Clean with a Clear Conscious

Together with our community of SEATOPIA Collective Members, we'll be exploring unique ingredients, recipes, and chef tips we've included in our deliveries or on our website and social media. And rest assured, we'll be feeding your families the best seafood on the planet.  Mercury safe, plastic-free, and antibiotic-free. Delicious, vital, and empowering seafood! 100% transparently sourced directly from artisan-quality farms we've come to know and love. Plus at least 1% of our sales is reinvested in ocean regeneration projects helping reforest the lungs of our oceans via Kelp Reforestation projects and a global network of Marine Protected Areas

Family Box (24 Servings)

Our most popular and best value!  Less than $10 per serving when you subscribe to our 24 serving Family Box.  Curated for the ocean conscious family keen to enjoy eating at least 2 servings of clean, sustainable, traceable, gourmet seafood per week.  You'll get to try new recipes, learn about artisan farms, and enjoy mercury-safe, sustainable sushi-grade seafood in the comfort of your home.  Sign up!

24 Portion Variety Box of Sustainable Seafood

Couples Box (18 Servings)

You're both health conscious foodies, concerned about where your food comes from, and want to increase your consumption of omega-rich proteins:  This is the subscription for you.  Start enjoying at least 2-3 servings of gourmet sushi-grade seafood per week and see how good you feel!

18 serving sustainable seafood variety box

Individual Sampler Box (12 Servings)

A great introduction to SEATOPIA's quality and commitment to sustainability, the Sampler box has been optimized for one health conscious individual to experience the benefits of incorporating 3 servings of omega-rich sustainable seafood in their diet every week for one month.

Individual Sampler Box (12 Servings)

Priority Over Night Shipping

There's nothing fishy about our shipping.  Seriously.  If your seafood smells fishy, it's not SEATOPIA quality.  Sushi-grade seafood should smell like the river or ocean water in which it was raised.

To ensure the content of each box travels with the ideal internal temperature during delivery to your door, every shipment is packed with dry ice and includes an easy-to-read color-changing temperature tracker. The SEATOPIA promise, if your product does not arrive frozen, we will refund or replace it.

Priority Over Night Shipping
Priority Over Night Shipping

Styrofoam Free Packaging

All SEATOPIA branded products are 100% eco-friendly. Our vacuum seal freezer bags, our labels, gel-packs our insulated boxes, the cardboard and packing tape are made with innovated bio-based resins and recyclable or compostable.  Learn more.

Styrofoam Free Packaging

Planting Kelp with Every Order

Building a regenerative seafood supply chain, we plant Kelp for every Seatopia order via our friends at OceanWise! As we grow, we're reforesting kelp to reverse acidification in our oceans, build up depleted fish stocks and capture carbon at least five times more efficiently than tropical forests.

Specifically, we are focused on planting kelp in key wild fish spawning and breeding areas with Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) or "Hope Spots" designation.  Learn more about the importance of Marine Protected Areas and how your subscription helps advance ocean conservation in line with the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) goal of protecting 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.

Planting Kelp with Every Order