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Eat clean, omega-rich, sushi-grade seafood in the comfort of your home.

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The Cleanest Fish

Zero Antibiotics. Mercury-Safe. Free of PCB or Heavy Metals. No Micro-Plastics. Non-GMO brood stock.

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Gourmet Fish Delivered

The best tasting, highest quality, sustainable seafood, direct to your door.

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The Wagyu of Seafood

According the best Chefs in the World, this is the Best Seafood - Period.

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Artisan-Farmed Seafood

Originally harvested exclusively for the finest farm-to-table restaurants.

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Innovative Aquaculture Practices

Because bottom feeding shellfish are simply not as clean!

Cultured Scallops

Pristine Environments

4 Star Rated Sustainable Aquaculture Practices. Seafood Watch Rated: "Best Choice" Certified.

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1% for the Oceans

Proactively Supporting Ocean Conservation and Marine Protected Areas

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1. Pick Your Size

Pick one of our curated boxes that fits your household needs. We currently offer 12, 18, or 24 serving boxes.  You can select how often you’d like to receive it and you can change your mind at any time.

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2. Auto Replenishing

Your gourmet subscription box contains seafood super frozen at peak freshness in eco-friendly, vacuum-sealed bags, hand packed in a compostable insulated cooler with biodegradable ice gel packs and dry ice, and delivered with expedited shipping to your doorstep. In alignment with schedule each new harvest, will be conveniently delivered to your door weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.

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3. Cook with Confidence

With exceptional ingredients, you can reassured this every meal will be exceptional. Plus you can us our recipes, chef tips, and tricks to cook something special to share with friends and family, and know you’re using the best seafood on the planet.

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Fishing For Answers:

Learn more about sustainable farming practices.

Best Value 24 Serving Box
Best Value 24 Serving Box
Best Value 24 Serving Box
Best Value 24 Serving Box
Best Value 24 Serving Box
Best Value 24 Serving Box
Best Value 24 Serving Box
Best Value 24 Serving Box

Best Value 24 Serving Box


Our most popular and best value, the 24 serving Full Moon Seatopia box works out to less than $11 per serving when you subscribe (and save 15%!).  Curated for a health-conscious family to enjoy the benefits of eating 2 servings of clean ocean-friendly seafood per week.  Twenty-four packaged 4 to 6 oz. servings of delicious, vital, and empowering seafood meticulously sourced directly from the world's leading smart aquaculture projects:  

Every month will vary slightly based on your feedback and new discoveries.

Sample Curation

Ōra King Salmon (2 servings of sashimi-grade skinless fillets):  Ōra King has achieved a Green/Best Choice rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, and is regarded among chefs as the Wagyu Beef of the seafood world. 

Skjerstad Fjord "NordicBlu" Salmon (6 Servings: 4 servings of fillets, 2 servings of collars):  The world's first and only marine net-pen farmed Atlantic salmon rated “Green — Best Choice” by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch®.


Omega Azul Kanpachi (5 Servings: 2 servings of fillets, 1 serving of collars, 2 servings of poke cubes):  Chef's favorite, Omega Blue Baja Kanpachi from La Paz, Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Chalkstream Trout (4 Servings of skin-on fillets): The finest English Chalksteam Trout from the famous Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire, England.

Glitne Halibut (5 Servings: 4 servings of fillets, 1 serving of smoked sashimi):  Snow White Norwegian Halibut using only pure, ice-cold, and crystal clear water from the depths of the mystical Sognefjord of Norway.

Petuna Farms Tasmanian Ocean Trout (2 servings of cold-smoked trout):  Raised in ideal conditions where cold water washes up from Antarctica, zero pollution, and a rich natural blend of tannins and saltwater create a creamy, velvet-like texture bursting with umami flavor.

*Optional: Aquapesca Scallop (1 serving of scallops on the half shell): Award-winning scallops raised from seed in mid-water hanging lantern scallop baskets from Guaynuma Bay, Peru.

* Optional:  Sunshrimp  (2 serving of Sun Shrimp shell-off deveined tail on): Award-winning shrimp raised in land based recirculating  aquaculture in Florida, USA.

These are the same fish and amazing quality as previously featured on the menus at California's best farm-to-table restaurants delivered directly to your door.  

Every perfectly cut 4- 6oz fillet comes blast-frozen at peak freshness using super freezing technology to ensure quality, safety, texture, color, and flavor are preserved in that same manner as the best sushi-grade fish available. If kept in a stable deep chest freezer, SEATOPIA seafood will be good for 3 months. 

Note:  You can expect a rotating curation of fillets, collars, poke cubes, and smoked products every month based on the changing seasons and your feedback.  



SEATOPIA Collective Seafood has been used by professional chefs for years and now it's available to you. Delicious, clean, and sustainable seafood that packs the perfect umami to enrich your meals at home.

Hugo Bolanos

Wolfgang Puck Hotel Bel-Air

As a chef, finding quality and consistent products is priority one. If you can’t find those great products, you can’t cook, simple as that. When @Seatopia came along, it was the best of all worlds. Sustainably sourced, always consistent, and amazing clean flavor that you could apply for a variety of preparations.

Gilberto Cetina

Holbox Restaurant

We have overfished the world's oceans, therefore aquaculture is the future. However, not all farmed fish is created equal. In our search for the best, responsibly farmed fish, through @Seatopia, we accidentally also found the best fish we had ever tasted. The quality of the feed comes through in the clean, omega-3 rich flavor, perfect raw or cooked!

Tetsu Yahagi

Spago Beverly Hills

I was very fortunate to serve @Seatopia seafood at Spago Beverly Hills. Such a great feeling to be able to cook with the high-quality seafood @Seatopia offers and still be part of the sustainable movement. Thank you for the amazing fish!

Lisa Giffen

The Audrey

It's rare to find consistent seafood with clean and unique flavors that's also sustainable.  Without a doubt, @seatopia meets such high standards. Cooking or working with their products has undoubtedly been a treat for me and for our guests. Looking forward to anything and everything @seatopia has to offer! <3

Jonathan Broida

Japanese Knife Imports

Sourcing our foods well is one of the most important things we can do for our food systems.  With so many focused on profit at the cost of integrity, it’s refreshing that a company like @Seatopia is now an option at home too. I now get to source a sustainable product, raised with care, and that happens to be super delicious and of amazing quality and consistency.  

The Cleanest Fish!

Non-GMO brood stock.  Algae-based feeds. Low density grow-outs.  Clean flowing water.  Zero antibiotics. Mercury-safe. Free of PCB or heavy metals. No micro-plastics. 

Clean Feed. Clean Water. Clean Fish. 

Truly Sustainable Packaging

Compostable Vacuum seal Bags

Eco-Friendly Bags

Bio-Based Recyclable and or compostable vacuum-sealed bags ensure there's no petroleum-based plastic on our seafood products. Learn More.

Compostable Cooler

Our 100% compostable insulated coolers keep seafood frozen for up to 48 hours without the use of styrofoam.  Learn More.

Virgin-Free Cardboard

100% recycled paper corrugated boxes using soy inks. Why sacrifice virgin trees when experienced paper is keen to keep on giving?     Learn More.

Biodegradable Gel Packs

Frozen gel packs made with compostable plastic film and non-toxic gel ensure quality without waste.         Learn More.

1% for the Oceans

Supporting the establishment of Marine Protected Areas (MPA's)

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