Earth Day Q&A with the Mermaid Chiropractor, Dr. Kristyn Silver-Brook

Continuing with our #EarthWeek conversation, we sat down with Kristyn Silver-Brook (or @mermaidchiropractor on Instagram). She is a prenatal and postpartum chiropractor, a mama, and a Seatopia community member since day one. As a very dedicated mother who only eats certified mercury-safe seafood from Seatopia while breastfeeding, we were so inspired to hear about her unique connection to the Earth and loved what she had to say. 

Could you start by giving a quick description of who you are and what you do? 

I am a native southern Californian, a second-generation chiropractor, a lover of travel, family, health, and good food. I’m a wife to an incredible human (also a chiropractor) named Jeremy Brook and I’m a mom to an energetic & intelligent 17 month-old named Jacob Blaze. 

How would you describe your philosophy on what you eat? 

I eat real food, always organic and as sustainable as possible. I love to know where my food comes from and prefer farmers' markets or my weekly CSA box rather than big-box grocery stores. I am constantly trying to minimize the amount of toxins and maximize the amount of nutrients that go into my family's’ bodies. Additionally, I cook about 90% of the food we eat at home so I know exactly what’s going into it. 

How does that change when you think about how you feed your son? 

Although I always had my eye on nutrition, I have become hyper-aware of what we bring into the house and what my son eats. We feed him a very Weston A. Price style diet - lots of butter, healthy fats, nutrient-dense meats, easily digestible fruits & vegetables. I hadn’t introduced dairy, grains, or gluten to him until very recently and he’s almost 17 months now. It’s actually funny when I’ve given him bread, he just eats the butter off of it and leaves the rest. He’s always been a “good eater” because we’ve always fed him good food. He is obsessed with Seatopia - his favorite is the New Zealand Ora King salmon

Dr Brook and Dr Silver prefer Seatopia Health Kids eat Seatopia Mercury Safe Seafood mercury safe seafood from seatopia Kids love Seatopia


As such a loyal Seatopia community member, we’d love to hear a bit more about your experience. What is your favorite fish in the box? How do you prepare it?

We get it delivered once a month - have since the inception of the company and have never looked back. Typically, we cook the fish in ghee and throw it on top of some greens or serve it with cooked veggies. We also love making fish tacos. Another favorite is to leave the fish raw and make hand rolls. 

Sushi Grade Kanpachi from Seatopia Broiled Seatopia Kanpachi Collars  

In addition to Seatopia, are there any other brands or people you’ve found recently that you believe are doing a lot of good for the Earth? 

Yes and no. I just got turned onto the Seaspiracy documentary and that was a real eye-opener for me. It brought up some deep emotions... For a second after watching the Seaspiracy doc, I thought to myself that I didn’t want to eat fish anymore. However, after that immediate knee-jerk reaction, I talked myself off the ledge and remembered that Seatopia not only has an incredible and clean product, they are part of the solution. They really are doing their part to be regenerative in their practices and create a sustainable product. So, to answer the question - I appreciate Seatopia heaps and heaps. I also have to give props to all the heroes working to protect our oceans.  It’s becoming clearer and clearer who I want to support based on what they’re doing for the planet and how transparent their company and methods are. 

Speaking of loving the Earth, what is your favorite way to spend time on Earth?

I love being at the beach, preferably with a warm ocean. My mom took me to the beach the day after I was born and that’s been my happy place ever since. Swimming in the ocean is a holy experience for me. 

What is something that grounds you? 

Sitting on the earth, walking barefoot. 

What brings you energy?

Three things I find are the best energy boosters or balancers.

  1. Being out in nature, experiencing the beauty of our Mother Earth. Time in nature is always a great reset and energizer for the nervous system.
  2. High vibrational and nutrient-dense foods.
  3. Chiropractic adjustments - because it makes your body more energy efficient - it’s like the light bulb goes from dim to bright almost instantaneously. 

What is your favorite memory of being in the ocean?

As a kid, I grew up spending summers in Cabo. My favorite memories are spending the entire day in the ocean. My most epic day ever ON the ocean was when I went fishing with my dad and brother while down in Cabo (which I never do) on a small boat - it was full-on National Geographic in real life. First, we pulled up to some orca whales that were in formation, circling a huge pod of giant manta rays to eat. Next, we saw huge tuna jumping out of the water chasing bait balls. We also saw humpback whales and dolphins. It was literally the best-case scenario for a “fishing” outing for someone who didn’t care for fishing much...

How will you be celebrating Earth Day this year? 

For me, celebrating Earth Day isn’t about doing one specific thing. I see Earth Day as a good yearly reminder to examine my relationship with Mother Earth. How am I impacting the planet? How can I do better and be more waste-efficient or use less water, plastic, etc? We are so intimately connected to the Earth, whether or not we want to recognize it. The health of our planet is ultimately the health of anything that inhabits it. We will only ever be as healthy as our planet is.  


Pregnant Mother Seatopia Mercury Safe Seafood for Pregnant Mothers

 Wellness is such a personal journey and we feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Kristyn Silver-Brook. As someone who puts a lot of thought and care into the way her family eats on a daily basis, we are so proud that SEATOPIA is at the top of her list.  We’ve got one more interview to share with you tomorrow. Stay tuned! 

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