Elevate Your Sushi Experience with Yugeta Shoyu: A Soy Sauce Unlike Any Other

At Seatopia, we believe that every ingredient matters when it comes to crafting an extraordinary seafood experience. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest addition, a truly exceptional soy sauce from Yugeta Shoyu.

Yugeta Shoyu: Upholding a Century-Old Tradition

Since 1923, Yugeta Shoyu has been a beacon of traditional shoyu (soy sauce) craftsmanship, mastering the art of producing exceptional soy sauce using organic ingredients and natural fermentation methods. This heritage brand, led by fourth-generation brewer Mr. Yohichu Yugeta, has made a name for itself by adhering to time-honored techniques that yield a soy sauce unlike any other.

Organic Soy Sauce Process

Aged to Perfection

Every drop of Yugeta Shoyu is a testament to patience and precision. The soy sauce is aged meticulously for a year in traditional cedar vats, achieving a unique yeasty aroma and a distinctive light coffee color that stands in stark contrast to the common soy sauces you'll find on supermarket shelves.

The Beauty of the Process

What makes Yugeta Shoyu so special starts at the very beginning – with organic wheat and soybeans, cultivated in the pristine fields of Aomori prefecture, nestled near the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Shiragami mountain range.

Unlike many manufacturers that use artificial additives, Yugeta Shoyu trusts the natural process. Over 300 types of naturally occurring bacteria are allowed to do the work, fermenting the soy sauce slowly and developing a deep, robust flavor over time. The staff merely stirs the mash gently, allowing these beneficial microorganisms to thrive.

A Product of Japan's Unique Climate and Resources

Japan's climate, natural resources, and native microorganisms converge to create the ideal environment for soy sauce production — one that's impossible to replicate anywhere else. Yugeta Shoyu remains true to the belief that the finest soy sauce comes from respecting the seasonal temperature changes, utilizing local Japanese ingredients, and aging the sauce in cedar wood vats enriched by the colonized microbes.

The Perfect Partner for Seatopia

We're incredibly proud to offer Mr. Yugeta's family shoyu to our customers. Versatile, traditional, and the perfect accompaniment to our sashimi-grade seafood from Seatopia, a slight spray or brush of this exceptional soy sauce goes a long way in enhancing the overall flavor profile of your dish.

Seatopia Organic Soy Sauce

Ingredients: water, organic soybean, organic wheat, salt.

Experience the Difference

Ready to elevate your sushi experience? Try Yugeta Shoyu with your next Seatopia order, and taste the difference that a century-old tradition makes.

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