Seatopia Podcast: Episode 1 - Safeguarding Sharks: A Deep Dive with Kinga Philips

Kinga Phillips, Shark Week's First Female Host and Seatopia Ambassador

Embodying the essence of a true explorer, Kinga Phillips has painted her life's journey with strokes of daring and adventure. She dives deep into oceanic abysses, scales towering mountain peaks, and embraces the kaleidoscopic cultures of vibrant, far-flung locales. This intrepid spirit is reflected in a media career that spans a multitude of platforms including Al Gore's Current TV, Syfy’s Legend Quest, National Geographic's America’s Lost Treasures, and the renowned Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. 

More than just a television personality, Kinga contributes regularly to Inside Hook and Adventure Journal, sharing tales of her explorations. A survival expert on the Gamology series Experts React, and a travel expert for Beond TV, Kinga is a force to be reckoned with. As a fellow of the prestigious Explorers Club and a board member of the nonprofit environmental group, Shark Allies, her commitment to conservation is undeniable. A familiar voice on platforms like NOW THIS, Forbes, BEOND TV, The Artie Lange Show, Inside Hook, and more, Kinga passionately advocates for shark conservation, ocean preservation, and access to clean water.


Listen to the full podcast interview via our Seatopia YouTube Channel where we cover the following questions: 

  1. The spirit of exploration clearly runs in your bloodline. However, your parents primarily ventured on terra firma. Could you describe your personal journey from terra firma to the vast, aqueous expanses of our oceans?
  1. Your career has evolved from being a journalist to an adventure journalist. Can you pinpoint the spark that ignited this evolution and set you on this thrilling, unconventional path?
  1. For those captivated by your journey and looking to emulate your footsteps, could you offer some pearls of wisdom or advice?
  1. In the pantheon of media traditions, Shark Week holds a unique cultural significance. As its host, can you shed some light on why you believe it has captivated audiences for so many years?
  1. Sharks often suffer from a portrayal in the media that leans towards the monstrous rather than the majestic. What consequences do you think this has had, and how might we strive towards a more balanced representation?
  1. As an ardent advocate for shark conservation and a board member of Shark Allies, what actions do you believe are necessary to protect and conserve these magnificent creatures?
  1. Seatopia is known for its sustainable seafood products that contribute to ocean health. Could you elaborate on why you've chosen to endorse and consume Seatopia?
  1. Your involvement with Seatopia hints at your commitment to sustainable living. How does that ethos translate into other aspects of your life and work?
  1. Over the years, you've journeyed into both the wilderness and urban locales. How do these contrasting experiences inform your perspective on human interaction with the natural world?
  1. As a woman carving out an influential space in the adventure and conservation field, what unique challenges and rewards have you encountered?
  1. Seatopia is driven by its 'Restorative Seafood' mission, which aligns with your advocacy for ocean health. Could you share how you first became acquainted with Seatopia, and what drew you towards their mission?
  1. Finally, do you have a personal anecdote related to your adventures that you believe encapsulates the spirit of your explorations and commitment to conservation?
  2. For those moved by our conversation and your passion for conservation, could you recommend a few tangible actions that they could take right now to contribute to shark conservation, ocean health, and the larger cause of environmental stewardship?

As someone who has inspired many through her incredible journeys and advocacies, we're sure our readers would love to stay connected with you. Could you share the best ways for our audience to follow your adventures and get involved in your conservation efforts?

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