Introducing Mt. Cook Alpine King Salmon, Nature's Finest

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Lab-Tested Seafood:  Microplastic Free, Mercury Safe & Sushi-Grade  

We believe seafood should be a simple pleasure. Not a guilty one.

Certified Mercury Safe

Zero Microplastics

Sushi Grade (Super Frozen)

No Antibiotics

“Regenerative aquaculture can produce seafood that is healthier for our bodies and for our oceans.”

- Dr. Mark Hyman

“Seatopia Is Pioneering Regenerative Aquaculture For The Direct-To-Consumer Market.”

“Wild-Caught Isn’t Necessarily Better. With Seatopia we always have guilt-free, gourmet seafood!”

- Ben Greenfield

How It Works


We harvest

Our artisan-aquaculture partners grow & harvest the highest-integrity seafood for Seatopia.


3rd party certified

Each harvest is super-frozen at peak freshness then 3rd party lab tested to quantify microplastics, mercury & nutrition levels.


You choose

Choose from 3 curated seafood boxes, customize the size and delivery frequency to fit your needs.


We deliver

Your order ships carbon neutral in  a compostable insulated box w/  dry-ice and a safe temperature tracker.



Plus we plant Kelp trees for every order!  With your help we are regenerating the oceans kelp forests!

Better Seafood Delivered

Safety Assurance

At Seatopia, we ensure seafood free from mercury and microplastics, prioritizing top-notch quality while minimizing health risks from toxins found in wild-caught seafood.

Ethical Sourcing

We're all about sustainable aquaculture practices! We support marine habitat restoration, biodiversity, and fair-trade jobs, showcasing our commitment to ethical sourcing.

Uncompromising Quality

We are committed to delivering seafood of exceptional taste, safety, and nutritional value. Through meticulous farming practices and strict quality control, we ensure an unmatched culinary experience with every bite.

Join The Tide Of Regeneration





Use code
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save $25.00

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1000+ Reviews

Clean Seafood Bundles

Award winning selections of premium seafood delicacies to elevate your culinary experience. Every month is thoughtfully curated with a variety of seasonal offerings, including shrimp or scallops, red fish such as salmon & steelhead and white fish such as yellowtail and branzino). We take pride in delivering exceptional quality, and that's why every product is meticulously vacuum-sealed and super-frozen at peak freshness. This ensures that you savor the incredible taste and texture of our seafood as if it were just caught moments ago. To ensure your well-being, we prioritize your health by guaranteeing that every product in the Seatopia Mixed Seafood Box is certified low in mercury, providing you with peace of mind when indulging in our offerings. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability shines through as each item is also certified sustainable, sourced from responsible aquaculture farms that prioritize the health of our oceans and marine ecosystems.

Use code
at checkout to
save $25.00

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Box Type

Salmon Lovers

White Fish Box

Box Size

12 Portions

18 Portions

24 Portions


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Mercury Safe


Easy to Prepare

Antibiotic Free


Kelp Seaforestion


Monthly Recipes

Expert Opinion

A Family Commitment

"We’re not mad at wild-caught seafood, just disappointed."

Did you know toxic heavy metals like Mercury as well as PCBs, MicroPlastics, Parasites and even Glyphosate can all make their way into your seafood? Some of these harmful toxics have been linked to cancer, impaired brain develop, adverse birth and reproductive outcomes. As parents we knew we had to do better for our kids, so we founded Seatopia to access the cleanest seafood directly from the world's best artisan regenerative aquaculture farms.

"Our mission is not only to provide seafood that's free from contaminants but to redefine the way it's cultivated, to promote both individual health and planetary wellbeing."

James Arthur & Daniela Smith, CEO & Co-Founder of SEATOPIA

Join The Movement


Is my seafood fresh or frozen?

Your seafood will be super-frozen with liquid nitrogen at peak freshness to lock in its flavor, nutrients and texture until you're ready to enjoy it. Unlike seafood at the grocery store that can be sitting out for unknown lengths of time or thawed on arrival - gradually degrading in quality and flavor until it’s purchased.