Big Glory Bay

A Pinnacle of Sustainable New Zealand King Salmon Farming

New Zealand's Finest King Salmon

Nestled where the untouched forests meet the sea, Big Glory Bay on Stewart Island/Rakiura stands as a testament to nature's splendor and sustainable aquaculture. Here, we proudly nurture our New Zealand King Salmon, a gem among the Seatopia selections, in one of the most secluded aquaculture farms on the planet.

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Discover the Pristine Paradise of Big Glory Bay

Pristine Conditions and Sustainable Growth

Optimal Farm Location for Premium Salmon Quality

With Stewart Island's minimal human footprint and the frigid currents from the Antarctic, Big Glory Bay is a sanctuary where Seatopia's New Zealand King Salmon flourish. The bay's remoteness, accessible only by boat, encapsulates our farmers' dedication to sustainable practices and the well-being of the salmon in an environment with an average sea temperature of a cool 14°C (57°F).

Sustainability at the Core
Environmental Stewardship and Best Aquaculture Practices
New Zealand's rigorous aquaculture standards reflect our ethos at Seatopia. Big Glory Bay's operations embody this, emphasizing marine stewardship and active environmental protection. BAP certification and 'best choice' green rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch® are testaments to this dedication.

Pristine Conditions and Sustainable Growth
Pristine Conditions and Sustainable Growth

A Heritage of Excellence

From Early Introductions to Global Acclaim

Tracing back to 1983, our Big Glory Bay King Salmon's journey began with a strong vision. Originating from the Sacramento River's Chinook, these salmon have carved a niche in New Zealand's aquatic tapestry, with Big Glory Bay now celebrated globally for its exceptional salmon, recognized for both its quality and flavor.

The Big Glory Bay Difference
Sustained by Cold Waters and Isolation
Our King Salmon, raised in the oceanic haven of Big Glory Bay, are a rarity, making up less than 1% of global salmon production. The bay's cold temperatures nurture a slow growth, cultivating a King Salmon with a unique, rich flavor profile, free from diseases, lice, and the need for antibiotics.

A Heritage of Excellence

From Farm to Feast

The Journey of Our New Zealand King Salmon
Harvested humanely at their prime and processed the very same day, our King Salmon's journey from Big Glory Bay to your table is swift and seamless, ensuring unparalleled freshness and quality.

From Farm to Feast
From Farm to Feast

Our Pledge to You and the Ocean

Regenerative Practices for a Sustainable Future

Seatopia's partnership with Big Glory Bay is more than just a business relationship; it's a shared mission for a regenerative future. Every Seatopia box contributes to kelp reforestation, promoting marine biodiversity and combating climate change.