SEATOPIA Interview on Ben Greenfield's Podcast!

Ben Greenfield is the King of human health optimization, and he's someone who has dedicated years of his life to living a clean, active lifestyle. So when he was introduced to Seatopia, he quickly became a huge supporter. 

Ben Greenfield Fitness

Nutrition plays a huge part in our overall health and performance, so it's crucial that we consume fish that's free of heavy metals and plastics and is nutrient-rich. Ben fell in love with Seatopia because we circumvent the grocery store food chain, which often leads to the accumulation of heavy metals and plastics you'll find in store-bought fish. As someone who is crazy about sushi, he's able to prepare restaurant-level sashimi and sushi dishes from the comfort of his home (and for a fraction of the cost of going out to eat). 

Ben invited our co-founder James Arthur Smith to his podcast where they discussed: 

  • How Seatopia is the pescatarian version of Butcher Box 
  • How James Arthur got into the fish business
  • Sustainable vs. conventional fish farming practices
  • How to avoid heavy metals and microplastic accumulation in farm-raised fish
  • James Arthur's thoughts on the Seaspiracy documentary 
  • Food porn: Ben and James rave about the Seatopia product
  • James' top recipe he loves to share 
  • How to get started ordering with Seatopia 

And so much more. This was a fantastic convo that set the record straight on sustainable fish farming, Seatopia's ultimate mission, and just why our fish tastes soooo good. 

Listen to the podcast directly HERE

To help support our mission as we begin first but evolving the $150B US seafood market, through disintermediation of a traditionally commoditized supply chain, please feel fee to send us an email directly.  And of course, to join the collective, and begin voting with your fork every day, simple subscribe to one of our monthly SEATOPIA boxes and experience first hand the joy of eating certified clean, certified sustainable, gourmet seafood directly from farms you'll come to know and trust.  Sign up here!