Undercurrent News Features Seatopia and Wulf's Fish Investment and Partnership

Mike Moniz, CEO of Wulf's Fish, and James Arthur Smith, CEO and co-founder of Seatopia, discuss how the former's investment in Seatopia will help strengthen their businesses further and stay ahead of industry trends.


When interviewed about new developments in the partnership between Wulf’s Fish and Seatopia, Moniz and Smith shared excitement for how the investment will allow Seatopia to expand their abilities to control the complete chain of custody of the products, all the way through to the consumer's plate.

The investment extends Wulf's Fish's involvement in Seatopia, allowing for greater collaboration and synergy between the two companies, Mike Moniz, CEO of Wulf's, and James Arthur Smith, CEO and co-founder of Seatopia, told Liza Mayer of Undercurrent News.

“What we loved about Seatopia is that Seatopia allows us to steward and shepherd the high-quality aquaculture products that we're importing through our CleanFish division, and can control the complete chain of custody of those products, all the way through the end user, at home, on their plate. And that was one of the most attractive facets of this investment," said Moniz.

"I feel extremely strongly about the direct-to-consumer marketplace for seafood," he said.

Seatopia CEO and Co-Founder James Arthur Smith

This investment in Seatopia, along with Wulf's Fish's existing infrastructure, will ensure that Seatopia will be one of the few companies that remains three to five years from now "as a winner and a leader in the market."

According to Smith, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from and how it is produced. Seatopia prioritizes supporting farms that implement permaculture practices and are good ocean stewards.

"The investment of Wulf's Fish into Seatopia allows us to focus on working with the best farms in the world. It allows us to work with artisans and farms that don't have their own processing facilities. It allows us to scale in a much more sustainable manner," said Smith.

Seatopia's Peruvian Scallops, packaged in portioned bags

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