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Grilled Branzino with Heirloom Summer Salad

To celebrate the late summer season and the amazing work being done by my friends James Arthur & Daniella Smith at Seatopia, today I made a classic Mediterranean Diet dish with grilled Seatopia Branzino and an Heirloom Summer Salad of sweet corn, tomatoes, jalapeno, basil and lime.

Seatopia works with fish farms around the world to help them transition to regenerative production, producing healthy sustainable fish that is not only delicious and healthy but great for our oceans and broader environment as well. For this recipe I paired their artisan farmed Branzino (aka Mediterranean Seabass) with farmer's market veggies and herb from my garden to make a fun, fresh chopped salad that actually sits right on the fish contrasting the juicy flesh of the Branzino.

 Grilled Branzino Recipe Video: