"Accepting the prevailing narrative about farmed seafood is like accepting that all cattle farms are alike, which neglects the nuances. Regenerative practices in land farming have revitalized ecosystems - similar principles are possible in aquaculture. Seatopia, is leading this shift towards regenerative aquaculture, providing healthy seafood while restoring marine ecosystems."

- Dr. Anthony Gustin


COA Certified Clean. ASC Certified Sustainable.

A Crossroads

Dr. Anthony Gustin, Functional Medicine practitioner, sports rehab clinician turned entrepreneur, and the founder of Perfect Keto & Equip Foods, found himself at a crossroads:
"How do we reconcile the health benefits of seafood with the challenges it presents, such as micro-plastics and heavy metals?"

This is where Seatopia steps in to answer that question.

Certified Clean

Each batch of our seafood undergoes rigorous testing to quantify heavy metals, PCBs, microplastics, and other contaminants. This level of care and attention results in products that are not just clean, but certified clean. By providing transparent, lot-level Certificates of Analysis, we guarantee peace of mind for our consumers about the purity and safety of our seafood.



Why Seatopia?

Good for You & the Planet

Every lots lab-tested achieving less than 0.1PPM of mercury

Certified Sushi-Grade Quality

Nitrogen super-freezing ensures safe, vital seafood for raw consumption

Absolute Transparency

Every fillet has a QR code detailing farm-to-table journey & dietary information

"Eating clean isn't just about the land - it's about the sea, too. With Seatopia, I've discovered a sustainable, health-forward way to include seafood in my diet.""

- Dr. Anthony Gustin


Our partnership network comprises artisan farms committed to low-density farming practices, focusing on species that are suitable for sustainable aquaculture, excluding species like tuna that are not suited to farming. Our seafood is fed with clean, sustainable feeds, enriched with oils from responsibly grown algae and alternative proteins like soldier fly larva. This approach helps to alleviate pressure on overfished wild stocks and ensures the highest levels of Omega 3s in our products.


Our business model fosters symbiotic relationships between finfish with regenerative organisms such as oysters, scallops, mussels, kelp, and urchins, forming a thriving, balanced marine ecosystem. Every Seatopia farming location is meticulously selected via rigerouirs environmental impact studies, ensuring that the environment isn't shallow or stagnant, but conducive to the healthy growth of our seafood. We are pioneering a new standard in seafood through a deep commitment to regenerative aquaculture.


Our mission is not only to provide seafood that's free from contaminants but to redefine the way it's cultivated, to promote both individual health and planetary wellbeing.

Every Seatopia box delivered carbon-neutral to your doorstep is a testament to our dedication to transformational change in the seafood industry. Each order contributes to our kelp reforestation efforts, which actively promote marine biodiversity and contribute to the fight against climate change.

"When you choose Seatopia, you're casting a vote with your fork for a future where seafood is synonymous with health, integrity, and sustainability. Our promise is to feed, educate, inspire, and lead the way towards a truly regenerative seafood industry that respects our planet's resources while nourishing its people. That's the Seatopia promise."

-- James Arthur Smith, Founder of Seatopia

"Seatopia turned my perspective around. Their dedication to clean, sustainably farmed seafood sets a new standard. It's more than just food, it's a way to take care of our health and our planet."

- Dr. Anthony Gustin


How I source clean farmed fish: Dr. Anthony Gustin Interviews Seatopia Founder


Is it easy to cancel?

Subscribe today and your first box will include 4 extra portions. You can easily pause, skip a delivery, reschedule or cancel your subscription anytime via email or online through your Seatopia account.

Can I choose which types of fish I'll get?

Soon! Currently we only offer a seaonal variety box but will offer custom boxes very soon and you'll be able to swap or customize existing subscriptions to a new box of your choice.

Is this frozen fish?

Super frozen with nitrogen blast freezers. Unlike supermarket frozen fish, all Seatopia products are frozen at peak freshness using the same technology gourmet sushi Chefs use to preserve quality and ensure safety.

Is everything Sushi-grade?

"Sushi" or "sashimi-grade" are common terms used to identify seafood considered “ready to be eaten raw”. However, there is no official, regulated standard for these terms. Many seafood lovers prefer the delicate textures, flavors, and full spectrum Omega-3 oils of raw seafood found in sushi, sashimi, carpaccio, crudo, and tiradito dishes. So how can you enjoy sushi with less risk?

Considerations for Choosing Raw Seafood:
The FDA cautions against consuming seafood raw, as it can harbor parasites, bacteria, and viruses that could potentially make consumers sick. However, according to the FDA, super-freezing seafood in a commercial sub-zero storage freezer (as we do with all raw SEATOPIA seafood) helps ensure parasites are destroyed and is required for many species of seafood to be consumed raw. Interestingly, the FDA Food Code exempts the super-freezing requirement for any aquaculture fish raised to Best Aquaculture Practices.

Nevertheless, our conservative lawyers suggest we don't publicly condone that SEATOPIA products be eaten raw without further preparation. So again, as recommended by our lawyers:  Consuming raw or undercooked seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. 

How is it Certified Clean?

Every lot of inventory harvested for Seatopia has a Certificate of Analisis (COA) which quantifies to the Part Per Billion the presence of toxins as well as the nutritional values. COAs for every products are tranparently posted on the corrisponding product detail pages.

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