Kvaroy Arctic

A postcard pretty island located on the Norwegian Inner Passage on the Arctic Circle

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Kvarøy Arctic salmon has double the omega-3 content of some farmed salmon.

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omega-3s from microalgae

Raised from egged on a sustainable diet with omega-3 oils from algae, no antibiotics or hormones.


Kvaroy Arctic was one of the first salmon farms to deploy blockchain across their operations.

2,000mg of omega-3s per 3.5oz

Kvarøy Arctic salmon is officially certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Program, giving consumers peace of mind that what they are consuming meets the nutritional requirements of the American Heart Association. Just one 3.5-ounce serving of Kvarøy Arctic salmon has over 2,000mg of omega-3s exceeding the weekly recommended goal.

Kvarøy Arctic salmon has double the omega-3 content of other farmed salmon. This has been achieved naturally through pioneering work with Corbion to use fermented microalgae as a sustainable source of omega-3s. Instead of dragging large nets across the ocean for small feeder fish, Kvarøy Arctic is deriving omega-3s directly from the microalgae the small fish would consume. The food chain is bypassed, enhancing the wild fish population. The non-GMO algae oil is efficiently produced using energy from spent sugar cane biomass. Nothing is wasted.

Preserving what matters

Corbion's Algae Prime used in Kvaroy Attic's Salmon unleashes the power of algae fermentation to preserve the planet's limited resources. Algae is a sustainable solutions to advance diets and reduce pressure on marine resources without impacting the carbon footprint. 

NON-GMO Salmon Feed for Organic King Salmon
Preserving what matters


With Biomar, Kvaroy invested in developing a new feed using the trimmings from processed North Atlantic wild fish caught in Marine Stewardship Council Certified fisheries which are then cleaned to dramatically reduce PCBs and other environmental contaminants. The result? Salmon that is 339 times cleaner than the FDA specification of 2 parts per million with about 1/9th the PCBs found in other farmed salmon.


The Fish In / Fish Out ratio represents how many fish used for fish oil and fish meal it takes to produce a farmed salmon. Kvaroy wanted to improve upon the industry gold standard of 1:1, the equivalent of using one wild fish as feed to raise one farmed fish. Sustainability to us meant more than “a wash.” Kvaroy changes to our feed that includes the use of microalgae, our FIFO ratio is 0.48:1, meaning they use less than half a fish to produce a full grown, healthy Kvarøy Arctic salmon.

Most innovation in our industry has been in processing. By putting the same energies against feed research and development, Kvarøy Arctic’s journey to sustainability continues to move the entire industry forward.

Salmon Recipes

One of the most genuine ways to express love — towards your significant other, your family, and even yourself — is through preparing a pleasurable, homemade meal with special ingredients. We know that food and love go hand in hand. Kvaroy Ingredients