Introducing Mt. Cook Alpine King Salmon, Nature's Finest

"Thanks to Seatopia the next generation of omega-rich, microalgae-fed farmed seafood can help us live more vital lives with mitigated exposure to heavy metals, microplastics, GMOs or antibiotics."

- Dr. Mark Hyman


COA Certified Clean. ASC Certified Sustainable.

Our Philosophy

We shouldn't have to choose between unsustainable practices and high-levels of mercury in wild-fish or high-levels of antibiotics in farmed fish.  

Every lot harvested for SEATOPIA has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) quantifying cleanliness and levels of heavy metals. We guarantee everything we package is certified to have less than 0.1 PPM of mercury.  

Furthermore every farm is audited and third-party certified for sustainable farming practices from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).

Certified Clean Seafood Box

Receive 12 FREE portions of certified clean, sushi-grade salmon when you subscribe to receive a Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly Seatopia Box! That's over a $100 value FREE plus you can pause, reschedule or cancel anytime. Simply add to cart via the link on this page and your order will qualify for an automatic upgrade at checkout to receive extra portions of Mark's favorite certified clean seafood with the first 3 orders of your subscription.

* This offer is only valid for Mark's Kitchen Subscribers and for a limited time.  

Why Seatopia?

Good for You & the Planet

Bioavailable Omega-3s and we use third-party certifiers to ensure sustainability and cleanliness.

Award Winning Quality

Gourmet sushi-grade seafood. The exact same farms as featured on menus of the world's best restaurants.

100% Transparency

Direct farm-to-table sourcing. We provide real information around what's in our products and why.

"Sourcing clean, sustainable seafood is often confusing. Seatopia's CSA model makes it fun and easy!"

- Dr. Mark Hyman

About Seatopia

Seatopia is similar to a monthly CSA box that delivers organic produce from farms you've come to know and trust, but for artisan-quality, sustainably-farmed seafood. We deliver carbon-neutral to your doorstep a 100% compostable recyclable insulated box that has been carefully packed with dry ice and super-frozen, sushi-grade seafood from some of absolute best certified sustainable farms. Furthuremore via our partner Ocean Wise, with every Seatopia order we are reforesting kelp in key wild-fish spawning regions along the Pacific coast.

If you care where your food comes from and want the best quality seafood at home, you've come to the right place.

"Seafood is an incredibly healthy protein source when we can eliminate heavy metals, PCBs, and other dangerous compounds!"

- Dr. Mark Hyman



* Note the Seatopia Variety Box curation varies each month depending on seasonal harvests.

Seatopia King Salmon: Each 6-8oz portion of Seatopia King salmon comes from leading aquaculture farms like Ora King, Mt. Cook or Big Glory Bay - widely favored fish that can be found on the menus of some of the best restaurants in the world. Sustainable, traceable, and third-party tested for microplastics and mercury so you can enjoy rich Omega 3s with confidence. 

Seatopia Hiramasa:  Fatty and firm due to their diet and natural oil content, yellowtail varieties make for exceptional sashimi or crudo. They are sometimes compared to mackerel or tuna in mouthfeel and flavor. But very much unlike tuna, yellowtail is highly adaptable. Coupled with high growth rates and ability to convert feed to muscle, they are an especially sustainable species for aquaculture. 

Note: You can expect a rotating curation of fillets, collars, poke cubes, and smoked products every month based on the changing seasons and your feedback.  

These are the same fish and amazing quality as previously featured on the menus at California's best farm-to-table restaurants delivered directly to your door.  

All of our seafood is guaranteed either rated as a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch "Best Choice", ASC Certified, BAP Certified or has been personally vetted by our team of chefs and industry experts. We've conducted in-person visits to the farm operations where we personally swim with the fish, taste the feed the fish are eating, and observe the harvesting methodology to ensure only humane, sustainable, clean, healthy seafood production.

Every perfectly cut 4 to 6oz fillet comes blast-frozen at peak freshness using super freezing technology to ensure quality, safety, texture, color, and flavor are preserved in that same manner as the best sushi-grade fish available.

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How I eat regenerative farmed fish - Mark Hyman Interviews Seatopia Founder


Is it easy to cancel?

Subscribe today and your first box will include 4 extra portions. You can easily pause, skip a delivery, reschedule or cancel your subscription anytime via email or online through your Seatopia account.

Can I choose which types of fish I'll get?

Yes! You can build your own box with Seatopia bundles. 

Is this frozen fish?

Super frozen with nitrogen blast freezers. Unlike supermarket frozen fish, all Seatopia products are frozen at peak freshness using the same technology gourmet sushi Chefs use to preserve quality and ensure safety.

Is everything Sushi-grade?

"Sushi" or "sashimi-grade" are common terms used to identify seafood considered “ready to be eaten raw”. However, there is no official, regulated standard for these terms. Many seafood lovers prefer the delicate textures, flavors, and full spectrum Omega-3 oils of raw seafood found in sushi, sashimi, carpaccio, crudo, and tiradito dishes. So how can you enjoy sushi with less risk?

Considerations for Choosing Raw Seafood:
The FDA cautions against consuming seafood raw, as it can harbor parasites, bacteria, and viruses that could potentially make consumers sick. However, according to the FDA, super-freezing seafood in a commercial sub-zero storage freezer (as we do with all raw SEATOPIA seafood) helps ensure parasites are destroyed and is required for many species of seafood to be consumed raw. Interestingly, the FDA Food Code exempts the super-freezing requirement for any aquaculture fish raised to Best Aquaculture Practices.

Nevertheless, our conservative lawyers suggest we don't publicly condone that SEATOPIA products be eaten raw without further preparation. So again, as recommended by our lawyers:  Consuming raw or undercooked seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. 

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