Seatopia Kelp Reforestation

A Journey to Regeneration

In the glow of my kitchen, as I gently turn sizzling, miso-marinated Ora King Salmon filets in a broiler hot cast iron skillet, there's an unspoken anticipation in the air. Friends, usually dispersed throughout the house, find themselves magnetically drawn to the kitchen. Despite the inviting comfort of the living room, it remains largely unoccupied, a silent testament to the allure of the culinary experience unfolding in my kitchen. Here, amidst the laughter and warmth, the essence of Seatopia comes alive – an alchemy of exceptional taste, shared joy, and a profound connection to the ocean.

Underwater view of a kelp forest with fish swimming amidst the tall kelp fronds.

My path to this monthly tradition of gathering friends for a regenerative seafood feast began with an eye-opening realization about our modern food system. Overwhelmed by reports of overfishing, environmental degradation, and the daunting task of navigating through misinformation,
I felt adrift in a sea of uncertainty. It was a struggle to find a balance between the health benefits of seafood, rich in Omega-3s, selenium, and Vitamin B12, and the ethical dilemmas surrounding its consumption.

School of fish swimming through an underwater kelp forest.

‘’We are what our food eats, and thanks to Seatopia the next generation of omega-rich, microalgae-fed farmed seafood can help us live more vital lives with mitigated exposure to heavy metals, microplastics, GMOs or antibiotics."

Dr. Mark Hyman

Functional Medicine Doctor, Author & Host of The Dr's Farmacy Podcast

This changed one summer evening, not in my own kitchen, but as a guest seated at a long farm table set in the midst of an urban farm garden. The setting was idyllic: surrounded by verdant foliage under a canopy of stars. The meal began with a beautifully plated yellowtail crudo, paired with vibrant salmon roe, thinly sliced midsummer strawberries, peppery olive oil, and sweet black garlic. Each flavor harmonized with the next, creating a tapestry of taste that was both sumptuous and thought-provoking.

Underwater research with gloved hand, pouring gravel into a PVC frame quadrant.

As we savored the delicate flavors of this dish our host shared the source of each ingredient culminating in her newest culinary treasure: Seatopia. This revelation opened a new chapter in my culinary journey. Seatopia was more than a seafood supplier; it was a gateway to understanding the profound impact of our food choices on the environment and our health.

People harvesting kelp and other aquatic plants from boats in a scenic, mountainous setting.

At that moment, surrounded by urban jungle but connected to nature and kindred spirits, I understood that choosing Seatopia was not just about satisfying our taste buds. It was about making a conscious decision to reestablish a bond with our food sources and to contribute positively to the health of our Blue Planet. With every Seatopia meal, we were not only enjoying gourmet seafood but also actively participating in a movement of environmental restoration and sustainability.

Satellite view of Hardy Island, Nelson Island, and surrounding areas in British Columbia, Canada.

The revelation of Seatopia's commitment to regenerative aquaculture practices, their dedication to mercury testing, and their involvement in ocean kelp reforestation projects added layers of meaning to my newfound culinary practice. Knowing that each order contributed to the planting of kelp forests – the ocean's lungs and a haven for biodiversity – transformed these gatherings from mere social occasions to acts of purpose and environmental stewardship.

A diver swims amongst tall kelp in the underwater depths.

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Monthly recipes

With this newfound knowledge, our monthly Seatopia feasts became more than just a culinary delight. They were an affirmation of a lifestyle choice that resonated with my deepest values. Each meal was a celebration of the ocean's bounty, a stand against the industrialized food system, and a step toward healing the planet. Sharing these meals with friends and family became an opportunity to spread awareness, to indulge in the joy of good food, and to relish the satisfaction of being part of a larger, positive change.

Underwater scene of fish swimming among towering kelp in an ocean kelp forest.

As we gather around the table, sharing stories and experiences, raw bites of Seatopia's regenerative farmed Peruvian Scallops followed by grilled mangrove reforestation Black Tiger shrimp, each course is a reminder of the power of informed choices. It's a testament to the beauty and resilience of the sea, and an invitation to join a community dedicated to nurturing a healthier, more sustainable future.

I invite you to be part of this journey with Seatopia, where each dish is not only a rebellion against the status quo but also a celebration of life, health, and the endless possibilities of positive change. Here, every meal is a shared adventure, a commitment to environmental stewardship, and a step towards a future where we live in harmony with our Blue Planet.

Illustration of a marine aquaculture farm showing various sea species including fish, kelp, and oysters.

Seatopia Recipes

Mediterranean Salmon Crudo with Pistachio

Coconut Lemon Butter Ora King Salmon

Grilled Branzino

Classic Italian Crudo
di Pesce

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