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"Thanks to Seatopia the next generation of omega-rich micro algae-fed farmed seafood can help us live more vital lives with mitigated expose to heavy metals, microplastics, antibiotics or GMOs.

-- Dr. Mark Hyman (The Doctor's Farmacy Podcast)

Mercury Safe



No Antibiotics

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Dr. Hyman Interviews Seatopia Co-Founder James Arthur Smith

"Seafood is an incredibly healthy protein source when we can eliminate heavy metals, PCBs, and other dangerous compounds!"

- Dr. Mark Hyman

I’ve talked about regenerative agriculture, but today we’re going to dive into regenerative aquaculture. 

We discuss the different ways that fish often become laden with toxins, what varieties are more or less likely to be affected, and how regenerative aquaculture can produce seafood that is healthier for our bodies and for our oceans.  

I appreciate James Arthur’s solution-oriented approach to seafood, which is a welcome angle from the fear-mongering we often hear in terms of health and climate problems. We talk about how choosing sustainable and clean seafood is one of many ways to vote with your dollar to impact our food system for the better.

- Dr. Mark Hyman

“Regenerative aquaculture can produce seafood that is healthier for our bodies and for our oceans.”

- Dr. Mark Hyman

“Seatopia Is Pioneering Regenerative Aquaculture For The Direct-To-Consumer Market.”

“Wild-Caught Isn’t Necessarily Better. With Seatopia we always have guilt-free, gourmet seafood!”

- Ben Greenfield

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  • 2oz Artisan Pickled Ginger 

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Why Seatopia

Good for You & the Planet

Bioavailable Omega-3s and we use third-party certifiers to ensure sustainability and cleanliness.

Award Winning Quality

Gourmet sushi-grade seafood. The exact same farms as featured on menus of the world's
best restaurants.

100% Transparency

Direct farm-to-table sourcing. We provide real information around what's in our products
and why.

Mercury Safe


Easy to Prepare

Antibiotic Free

No artificial additives

Protects Wild Fish Populations

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Monthly recipes

Expert Opinion

Why wild caught isn’t necessarily better

The truth about farmed & industrial wild-caught seafood

Seatopia’s low-density clean-water aquaculture farms average 2% fish to 98% water density

Raised on a diet rich in micro-algae, Seatopia seafood is healthy, stress-free & rich in essential Omega-3s: EPA, & DHA

Every Seatopia farm is third-party certified for sustainable and fair trade practices, providing blue-tech jobs for their communities

Legal overfishing & climate change are causing wild fish stocks to collapse faster than they can regenerate.*

FDA Recommends Pregnant Women Should Avoid Eating Tuna & Swordfish Due to Mercury Toxicity *

UC Davis Study Found Toxic Micro-plastics in 25% of Wild Caught Seafood.*

Protecting Key Spawning, Breeding, And Migratory Habitats Has Proven To Regenerate Biomass And Biodiversity

"Sourcing clean, sustainable seafood is often confusing. Seatopia's CSA model makes it fun and easy!"

- Dr. Mark Hyman

Our Philosophy

We shouldn't have to choose between unsustainable practices and high-levels of mercury in wild fish or high-levels of antibiotics in farmed fish.

Every lot harvested for SEATOPIA has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) quantifying cleanliness and levels of heavy metals. We guarantee everything we package is certified to have less than 0.1 PPM of mercury.

Furthermore every farm is audited and third-party certified for sustainable farming practices from Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).

If you care where your food comes from and want the best quality seafood at home, you've come to the right place.



Your seafood will be super-frozen with liquid nitrogen at peak freshness to lock in its flavor, nutrients and texture until you're ready to enjoy it. Unlike seafood at the grocery store that can be sitting out for unknown lengths of time or thawed on arrival - gradually degrading in quality and flavor until it’s purchased.