Introducing Mt. Cook Alpine King Salmon, Nature's Finest

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"VOTE with your Fork!"
Join us to help protect the ocean, tackle the climate crisis, and build a more just, equitable Blue Planet.

- Ben Greenfield


COA Certified Clean. ASC Certified Sustainable.

Our Philosophy

We shouldn't have to choose between high-levels of Mercury and high-levels of antibiotics. COA certified clean seafood makes that possible. In addition to personally visiting the farms, all of our partners have been third-party certified sustainable (ASC and/or BAP) and every lot harvested for SEATOPIA has a Certificate of Analysis quantifying cleanliness and levels of heavy metals. We guarantee everything we package is certified sustainable and certified to have less than 0.0 PPM of mercury.  

Ben's Favorite Seafood

The 24 Portion Omega Family Protein Box

(Costs less than $10/serving when you SUBSCRIBE)

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Why our products?

Good for You & the Planet

Bioavailable Omega-3s and we use third-party certifiers to ensure sustainability and cleanliness.

Award Winning Quality

Gourmet sushi-grade seafood. The exact same farms as featured on menus of the world's best restaurants.

100% Transparency

Direct farm-to-table sourcing. We provide real information around what's in our products and why.

"Using the easy recipes from SEATOPIA, it has been an amazing adventure for the whole family to prepare together! We have already enjoyed everything from crispy skin trout to poke salmon bowls, to buttery kanpachi and beyond."

- Ben Greenfield

Our Mission

It's our mission to directly connect our friends, family, and community with the artisan farms we've come to know and trust. Done right, regenerative aquaculture can feed our communities with clean, sushi-grade, omega-rich seafood, mitigate pressure on wild-stock populations of sea life, and help create a growing network of Marine Protected Areas. All without the use of plastics or styrofoam. That is the SEATOPIA mission. SEATOPIA is the first direct-to-door step plastic & styrofoam free farm-to-table seafood cooperative. Only working with regenerative farms raising real fish breed from non-GMO eggs, responsibly fed and conscientiously raised in low-density, and antibiotic-free environments, our direct farm-to-table seafood supply chain values and incentivizes artisan quality production, fair labor practices, and environmental stewardship. Similar to a monthly CSA box that delivers organic produce from farms you've come to know and trust, but for artisan-quality, sustainably-farmed seafood. On either the New or Full Moon, we can deliver to your doorstep a 100% compostable insulated box that has been carefully packed with dry ice and super-frozen, sushi-grade seafood from some of absolute best certified sustainable farms.If you care where your food comes from and want the best quality seafood at home, you've come to the right place.

"I have never in my life experienced clean, healthy fish that is as fresh and flavorful."

- Ben Greenfield

Ben's Fav Seafood Box

The 24 Portion Omega Family Protein Box

(Costs less than $10/serving when you SUBSCRIBE)

Written by an anonymous user on based on reviews

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