Vikenco Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon from the pristine Rindarøy coastline

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Vikenco Atlantic Salmon

Founded in 1973, Vikenco is a pioneering Norwegian salmon farm renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Transitioning from shallow waters to the open sea and fjords, Vikenco's practices have evolved to prioritize eco-friendly methods.

As Europe's first salmon-processing plant to achieve Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification in 2013, Vikenco ensures healthful foods produced through environmentally and socially responsible means. Certified Kosher, EU Organic, and adhering to stringent Debio standards, Vikenco's organic salmon is raised with minimal pen density, natural carotenoids from astaxanthin that provide essential antioxidants and nutrients, and cleaner-fish for lice control, embodying Seatopia's values of more sustainable aquaculture.

Forged by climate

And in partnership with nature

The Vikenco Difference: a History of Innovative Practices

Vikenco salmon thrives in the pristine, deep waters of Norway’s fjords, offering a product that embodies the highest standards of organic aquaculture.

The Vikenco Difference: a History of Innovative Practices
The Vikenco Difference: a History of Innovative Practices

EU Organic Salmon

The main criteria for our organic salmon are:

  • The density in the pen is not allowed to be more than 10 kg/m3 (compared to maximum 25/m3 for conventional salmon.
  • The fish meal and fish oil in the feed is made by offcuts.
  • The pigmentation used is Panaferd which is a natural colorant. This gives the Salmon the same natural color as conventional salmon.
  • Salmar is using cleaner-fish to help keep the salmon free of sea lice.
  • The nets are not treated with anti-fouling which contains copper.
  • If fish must be treated by medications, the withdrawal time is 3 times longer than for conventional salmon.

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Experience the superior quality of Vikenco Atlantic salmon, where innovative aquaculture practices meet stringent certification standards. Raised in low-density pens and nourished with natural feed, this salmon delivers exceptional flavor and peace of mind.

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