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Easy to cook and sure to be a family favorite!

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Handled with love

Sweet, flavorful shrimp are the result of careful handling practices & clean, nutritionally rich feed.

Clean. Delicious. Easy.

Because they are easy to pre and easy to cook!

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Sun Shrimp

Antibiotic Free Cultured American Shrimp

Florida Raised Shrimp

Nearly all other shrimp sold in the US have been treated with chemicals and preservatives. These pure, clean sustainable jumbo shrimp are 100% Preservative Free, hatched, raised and harvested in the Sunshine State.

Land-Based Aquaculture

Farmed on a small island off the Southwest Coast of Florida, Sun Shrimp are grown by a team of dedicated Shrimp Farmers.

On the Farm

Raised from eggs to harvest on Pine Island, just off the gulf coast of Florida. Sun Shrimp uses on-site well water, recirculating filters and biofloc to operate a bio-secure land-based shrimp farm that is certified by the Florida Division of Aquaculture as a Zero-Discharge Facility.

On the Farm
On the Farm

In the Kitchen

Or on the BBQ, our pre-shelled and devained tail-on blast frozen shrimp at so easy to prep we might wantt to cook these just about everyday...!

In the Kitchen

Naturally Delicious

Sun Shrimp are about 6 months old at harvest. We harvest mostly Jumbo (U15) and Large (16/20) whole shrimp. We choose these sizes because that is when shrimp are at their optimum flavor and size. Their meat is firm and crisp when cooked, and they burst with color, aroma and flavor.

Bigger is Not Better! Many Americans believe big shrimp are better. While jumbo shrimp do look amazing, it takes shrimp a long time to grow that large. Therefore, really big shrimp are usually very old, tough and their taste can be salty and metallic. They are nowhere near as good as our young and tasty Sun Shrimp.

Shrimp Recipes