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Glitne Halibut Crudo Recipe w/ Heirloom Radish & Espelette

One hot summer day, then Executive Chef of Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air,  Hugo Bolanos and CDC Connor Mcvay came up with a light and refreshing Crudo dish featuring the snow-white omega-rich Glitne Halibut under a bed of sweet, smokey, and crisp seasonal produce.  We were fortunate to be there, experience this pairing, and now you too can make it at home!


Pesce Crudo at its simplest is raw sushi-grade seafood with olive oil, sea salt, acid (such as lemon juice or good quality vinegar), and sometimes pepper. Crudos are light and delicate, making it a great way to start a meal. It's also easy and quick to prepare at home. 

Unlike most dry flaky Halibut, this Glitne Halibut is incomparably clean, fatty, and firm.  This recipe is bright and refreshing with delicately sliced radish, a slight smokiness of espelette pepper, and the mild sweetness of grapes. Add magical finger limes for a surprise burst of zest and pop.

Prep Time: 15 minutes.


  • Glitne Halibut (2 portions or 12 ounces)
  • Heirloom Radish (1 bulb)
  • Espelette Pepper (1 teaspoon)
  • Grapes (2 ounces)
  • Poppyseed salt (3 pinches)
  • Finger limes (2)
  • Provencal olive oil (2 tbsps)



Pat dry Glitne Halibut to remove any excess water.  Thinly slice halibut against the grain with an extra sharp single bevel knife.  Arrange evenly over a serving tray.  Layer on thinly sliced heirloom radish and grapes.  Dapple over small dots of espelette pepper and finger lime “caviar” (the citrus balls squeezed out of the limes).  Salt to taste with poppyseed salt (or your favorite bright sea salt) and drizzle with gourmet Provincial olive oil.  Serve chilled.

Special thanks to Chef Hugo Bolanos and CDC Connor Mcvay from Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel-Air for sharing this recipe they made featuring Glitne Halibut.  It's an honor to know and work with such talented and humble artists!

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